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Leaking of water pipes can occur anywhere when you least expect it. This can be from new homes, your old house, your property, your garden or even in the tallest buildings that you may know of. The challenge that you may be faced with when it comes to dealing with a leaking pipe may never seem to end especially if you do not seek the services of a certified Downey professional plumber or plumbing company to help you out with your problem. 

Since most of your pipes are normally hidden behind your wood floorboards, your drywall, underneath the earth around your house or under your concrete foundation material. When you start having leaks, the first thing that you are going to notice is that your water bills are going to start going up. Another thing that you may notice is the discoloration of your warped wooden boards, various discolored spots on your wall, and growth of molds which may be as a result of the increase in humidity. If you experience any of this, it is highly advisable that you call a plumbing company immediately so that they can be able to deal with the problem before it gets worse. You should also keep in mind that the damage caused by leaking pipes is normally very expensive to deal with. 

How much water may you be wasting?

The amount of water that you may be wasting highly depends on the kind of leak that you have.  If the leak is coming from your pumped water supply or your heater pipe, then this means that you are also going to incur extra energy costs.

What to do next

Even though you may have an idea of where the leak may be coming from, it is still advisable that you call a plumber or a plumbing company so that they can be able to come to your property and take a look. You may be surprised when they find other problems that you may not have had an idea of. 

How do plumbers do it?

Plumbers are able to carry out leak detections in a number of ways. Most of them tend to make use of the latest technology that is in the market. Some of these devices include ground microphones and acoustic listening devices that are normally used with the main aim of pinpointing the sound of the water that is leaving the pipe. They can also be able to detect this movement even through the thickest of surfaces. The video pipe equipment is one of the most effective tools that many plumbers normally make use of when they are trying to find a leak.  


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